Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What areas do you service?
Q: Where do you pickup and dropoff at the Salt Lake City airport?
Q: How do I get to the driver at Salt Lake City Airport?
Q: What kind of car will pick me up?
Q: Do You Provide Child Seats?
Q: My Flight is late, What Do I Do?
Q: Do You Have a Shared Service?
Q: Do you charge for children?
Q: Can we stop at the store on our way into town?
Q: How many bags can we put in the vehicle?
Q: Is this a shared Ride?
Q: What is the benefit to using your service? I noticed that other companies charge a flat rate.
Q: What is the vehicle capacity?
Q: How many skis can I bring?
Q: Do you allow smoking in the vehicle?
Q: How much time before our flight do we need to leave?
Q: How long should I expect to wait at the airport?
Q: How do I find our driver when we arrive?
Q: Do you do a meet and greet?
Q: Do you offer private vehicles?
Q: Can you provide transportation around town?
Q: Can I pay in cash when I arrive?
Q: What if I need to cancel or change my reservation?
Q: What if my flight is delayed?
Q: What if someone cancels at the last minute?
Q: What if we need to add another person?
Q: Can we drink alcohol in the vehicles?
Q: How are the snow conditions/what is the snow report?
Q: Does it cost extra for: early morning/late night/same day pickups?
Q: How long is the drive to/from Park City?
Q: Do you take people to Alta, Snowbird, Snowbasin?